To be a leading business school in the region with visible presence, marked excellence and exclusive traditions aspires to transforming graduates into competent, dedicated and skilled business professionals.


To provide quality education to business graduates through inculcating in them the conceptual knowledge synergized with practical applications by utilizing the state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure with experienced, trained and qualified faculty. The LBS is thriving to transform individuals into skilled professionals / researchers trimmed fine enough in catering to exclusive demand of top notch conglomerates and enabling them to contribute their drastic role in the development and prosperity of their families, society and overall country specifically.

Semester 1

ECO-301 Principles of Microeconomics 3(3-0)
FIN-301 Financial Accounting-I 3(3-0)
CSI-321 Introduction to Computing Application 3(2-1)
ENG-321 Functional English 3(3-0)
ISL-321 Islamic Studies 3(3-0)
PSY-321 Human Psychology 3(3-0)

Semester 2

ECO-302 Principles of Macroeconomics 3(3-0)
FIN-302 Financial Accounting-II 3(3-0)
STA-304 Business Statistics 3(3-0)
MTH-306 Business Mathematics 3(3-0)
SOC-307 Introduction of Sociology 3(3-0)
ENG-322 English Comprehension and Composition 3(3-0)

Semester 3

PST-321 Pakistan Studies 3(3-0)
FIN-401 Managerial Accounting 3(3-0)
MGT-401 Principles of Management 3(3-0)
MKT-401 Principles of Marketing 3(3-0)
STA-401 Basic Statistical Inference 3(3-0)
ENG-407 Oral Communication 3(3-0)

Semester 4

FIN-402 Business Finance 3(3-0)
MGT-402 Business Communication 3(3-0)
MKT-402 Marketing Management 3(3-0)
MGT-404 Human Resource Management 3(3-0)
MGT-406 Organizational Behavior 3(3-0)
ENV-301 Introduction to Environmental Sciences 3(3-0)

Semester 5

FIN – 501 Financial Management 3(3-0)
MGT- 501 Operations Management 3(3-0)
MKT- 501 Consumer Behavior 3(3-0)
MGT- 503 Business Ethics& Corporate Social Responsibility 3(3-0)
MGT- 505 Industrial Safety & Risk Management 3(3-0)
LAW- 513 Business Law 3(3-0)

Semester 6

FIN-502 International Business 3(3-0)
MGT-502 Management Information System 3(3-0)
MGT-504 Business Research Methods 3(3-0)
MGT-506 Language (Arabic/French/Chinese) 3(3-0)
ECO-512 Managerial Economics 3(3-0)

Semester 7

ECO-408 Issues in Pakistan Economy 3(3-0)
MGT-601 Entrepreneurship 3(3-0)
MGT-603 Quality Management Systems 3(3-0)
  Specialization I 3(3-0)
  Specialization II 3(3-0)

Semester 8

MGT-602 Strategic Management 3(3-0)
  Specialization III 3(3-0)
  Specialization IV 3(3-0)
  Specialization V 3(3-0)
  Specialization VI (Business Project) 3(0-3)