CEO’s Message

Muhammad Muddassar Chaudhary
Chief Executive Officer – BIHS

The development of excellence in the educational environment is the primary objective for the BIHS. Furthermore, as it is known that there is a need for future leaders that are able to adapt to the dynamic world through critical thinking and being socially responsible citizens. To achieve these aims requires providing an equal opportunity to all students. Critical thinkers and professionals are essential for building an even stronger future.

BIHS strives to provide a learning experience through equipping the campuses with state of the art facilities. Regular training sessions are arranged for the faculty so that they may be able to use the new technological tools to interact with the students in a better way. All the training has paid off and it can be seen through the distinctive results that the exemplary students have produced at different levels of education. The incorporation of a higher level of thinking is done so as to engage the students in a multidisciplinary learning experience. During the university years at BIHS, the students are assisted in developing links with professionals. To promote this vision even further, there was a need to link with international universities and it is being done through different channels so that the students may be facilitated to provide them with even more opportunities. This is part of our policies to produce highly skilled intellectuals to lead the nation into the next era.