President’s Message

Zamer Alam
President – BIHS

I believe that the competition would prove healthy, as it would challenge us to be more innovative with both our practice and projects, as well as with the means to keep them going. I also believe in forging alliances and initiating collaborations with organizations to achieve the true goal of the betterment of the nation. I have already proposed the prospects to my organization and ask the same of our respected sponsors; to incorporate values such as enhanced charity and support to ideas that strengthen us as a nation and help improve the educational development of Pakistan. I greatly appreciate the support from our sponsors and the members who have gone to great lengths to keep the flow of educational aid consistent, and constant. Sponsorship is critical to sustaining the ever-increasing costs of providing quality education and allowing the society to maintain its high standards. I would like to recognize the efforts of our members in providing valuable leads and guidance that help us maximize the value proposition for our sponsors, and I hope they are able to further build upon the already impressive network of sponsors in the years ahead. I would also like to make a general appeal to all stakeholders in academic and non-academic sectors in both public and private spheres to take responsibility of helping the nation overcome its educational deficit and assist the BIHS in this noble endeavor. I urge potential investors to participate in my mission to continue the legacy of this institution, where we take pride in being sponsors and bearers of the beacon of knowledge and strive each day to share it with others. I consider this an integral part of my faith, as well as my duty as a citizen of Pakistan to assist the government in its efforts to reform the country’s educational infrastructure.