Our Vision

To make BIHS as a leading network meant for quality education across Pakistan to home merit students in programs that transform them as decision makers instead of order takers to serve this country with passion and best manifestation of professionalism.

Our Mission

To make Pakistan on the lead by providing high quality education blended with innovative activities to shape the youth to take leadership and strategic role in their future endeavors at an affordable cost for all merit students.

Our Objectives

  • To establish institutions for achieving noble mission of BIHS by providing quality education.
  • To provide a true learning atmosphere where dignity of the teacher is held supreme over all other interests
  • Cultivating collaborative environment that provokes intellectual independence and risk taking through inquiry
  • Take along parents as our partners and co-teachers, so that their dreams may come true
  • Train our teachers to play a dominant role as agents of change in grooming the students to face challenges posed by globalization
  • Prepare students to play a responsible role for the economic, social and cultural welfare and well-being of the society, as a whole
  • Provide sound ethical and moral foundations to the students
  • Facilitate integrated development of knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Incorporating new information to our curriculum to meet the international standards